Executive Coaching

Rebecca Riggs has over 25 years of experience working with leaders across all types of organizations including education, small businesses, government, research, Fortune-500, and non-profit. Leveraging on these experiences, she partners with her clients to custom design solutions to meet their unique needs.

Rebecca has an MBA in Organizational Leadership from JFK University and a graduate certificate in Executive Coaching.

Select list of client organizations: SCS Global Services, UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Kaiser Permanente, Town of Windsor, UC San Francisco, Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College.

“Rebecca stands out among all the HR professionals I’ve worked with. She has skillfully managed some very complex situations involving difficult personalities to reach positive outcomes that I never imagined could have been reached.”

Jeffrey Bokor

Professor of EECS, UC Berkeley

“[Rebecca] understands the business/human relationships required to operate a successful organization and demonstrates a strong ability to identify, analyze and solve problems.”

Don Reile

Vice President of Operations, Avitus Group

"Rebecca is exceptional at identifying exactly what we as her customer need and mixing that with her expertise to come up with the solution that works best for us."

Nick Everson

COO, Joint BioEnergy Institute

“Really really impressed with the work that Rebecca is doing for me and so helping our cause. She is Insightful and direct and does a great job in keeping me on task. I expect we’re going to accomplish some remarkable things together!”

Brian Reinbold

Founder and Partner , Beneficial Charitable Solutions

"Rebecca is exceptional at listening, gathering information, and analyzing the information to come up with strategies. Ultimately, you are getting an expert consultant’s view to approach your problem. You can rely on her for valuable advice."

Don DePaolo

Associate Lab Director, Energy Sciences, LBNL

“Rebecca is grace under fire. She listens to figure out the root cause and what we can do about it. As a highly effective communicator, she is able to make a point while being collaborative. As a result, her customers are comfortable. She builds a trust makes her even more effective."

Rebecca Rishell

Deputy for Operations, Life Sciences and Chemical Sciences, LBNL

Executive, career, leadership, and management coaching and consulting.

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